Our co-founder Christian is an MR visionary and driving force behind some of our maddest events 🙌🏼 Some of the iconic Midnight Run themes such as Wimbledon, Carnival or 007 were all his ideas. Midnight-to-Midnight, Circle Line Tube Boot Camp Run, 10k 10 Bridges or more recently our winter jackets – none of this would have ever happened if not for Christian’s big idea thinking. 

Christian lives his life by the motto, “You don't get too old to play, you get old when you stop playing” and has taught us all a lot about how to stay young! From Ultimate Ears sponsorship, to introducing electric longboards for our photographers, he always makes sure that fun is at the core of everything we do.

In 2016, Christian organised a long running weekend in the Swiss Alps and he also took us to Lisbon where we had our Midnight Run, a day of surfing and marathon running. He often paces the front group, and always pushes us to do our best. Thank you Christian for always taking everything we do up a notch and showing us that only sky's the limit.

📸 Photo by Daniel Varga