The first time we heard Esther’s laugh we automatically knew she would fit right in. And just like her laugh her personality is equally infectious. We are obviously not alone in thinking this: when Esther (@estherruns) started running with us it seems that she brought the party with her. 🎉 Our small group of runners literally doubled over night.

Esther is our Midnight-to-Midnight Queen. For the past 2 years, she has led the charge for our annual 24 hr charity relay. Trust us, this woman can do it all… event planning, logistics, marketing, sponsorship, promotion, & rallying runners for a good cause!

It is not only her awesome personality and exquisite organizational skills that makes Esther an incredible piece of the MR family – she also inspires us too. Esther’s story on her path to becoming a runner is pretty famous (she did her first marathon with a broken ankle😱) and despite battling a recurring injury all year, Esther completed the 100k Race to the Stones.👏🏻 And of course in true Esther style… not only did she complete the mega challenging ultra-marathon, but she also managed to convince a group of 30 Midnight Runners to join her.

Quite simply life with Esther is one big party. It has been a riot young lady. Can't wait to see what you inspire us to do in 2017! Photo by David Altabev.