Midnight Runners is all about breaking down barriers, having fun and improving yourself. Need inspiration? Look no further than George, one of our most badass ultra runners 🤘🏼🏃🏻

George has run, in his usual relaxed and totally chilled way, in some of the worlds most iconic ultra-marathons including Ultravassen in rural North Sweden this summer with three other MR Crew. What is more impressive is that these incredible achievements of athleticism are taken totally in his stride.

George is in his natural habitat on our long Sunday runs, leading and pushing the group to achieve the best of their ability. Whilst we are all busy trying to be better runners, George sites his biggest achievement as inspiring other runners to reach their goals: “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is" - the motto he places central to his life.

So THANK YOU from us George, you have inspired all of us 🙌🏼 We are slightly excited but also a little scared about what crazy and far flung Ultra you will twist our arm into doing next… Oh okay… See you at the start line G-unit! Photo by Daniel Varga.