Some people need no introduction. If you are reading this, there is a strong possibility that you are fitter, faster, have more friends and love life more because of @gregexploring 👌🏼🤗 Want to learn a simple life hack that could truly change you? If you run with people you will run more often. And better yet, if you organise running events then you have no choice but to show up! This little trick is something that our co-founder Greg lives by and was of course the idea that built #midnightrunners 

Greg's enthusiasm for grabbing life by both hands is totally inspiring. His ethos “the more you give to the world, the more you get back” has really shaped all of us and it is Greg’s endless passion, enthusiasm, and commitment that has helped build our community to what it is today 👟💥 Mr Drach doesn’t just talk the talk however – he seriously walks the walk. His race list from 2016 reads like an epic saga - Run Camp in Colorado, 3 official marathons (and countless more), 2 ultras - 100k Race to the Stones & 90k Ultravasan in Sweden and recently headlined in a chessboxing fight! Inspiring stuff from an inspiring man.

Greg – you are super sick, thank you! When we shout Greg, you shout rocks 👊🏼 Photo by Daniel Varga 📸