We don't know much about James' life before his days at Midnight Runners but rumour has it that he was raised amongst race horses.  

You can usually find James at the front of the MR pack, side stepping, zipping and sliding past bemused Londoners. He often travels so fast that passers by think they have seen a lightning strike. It has been confirmed that 80% of UK UFO sightings can be attributed to James running 💫

Despite this he claims not to like long distance running, even though he cranked out his first marathon with a sub 3 hr time. That’s pretty impressive (err impressive? That's elite!!). Now, he has his sights on a sub 17 minute 5k… wowza!

On the nerdy side, James is our go to IT advisor. He helps make sure our beautiful web page remains beautiful. Well, we think you are great James. Thanks for leading us from the front. Photo by Daniel Varga.