Next on our line-up of superhuman crew members is our real life Action Hero, Jody (aka JB 😎). When Jody joined for his first run, he hit us like a tornado. From week one, he was eager to help out - planning routes, party venues, and even leading our Tuesday night bootcamps! One thing is for sure, no matter what JB does, he always gives 150% 💪🏼 

Not surprisingly for an Action Hero, JB's list of running achievements is pretty epic. Alongside several impressive long trail runs and marathons, he completed the 90k Ultravasan in Sweden in less than 9 hours! AMAZING 🏅

Although he's been in East Africa recently that hasn’t stopped him from being actively involved in the MR community. Not only has he continued to help us in London but he's also started a new MR group in Africa with runners from all around the world 🗺  

This man is a true leader. He inspires and motivates; he encourages and he challenges. Jody, we could not be more glad that you joined our community and cannot wait to have you back in London again soon! 📸 Maté Fülöp