The girls want him, the boys want to be him. Introducing our very own blue steel: @joelandrewcharley 👊🏼 Remember the time we ran a half marathon on the beach in Southern England? And the time we ventured to the last stop of the central line in Epping Forest and discovered that London has a lot more to offer than just street running? And then there was the time that we braved the hills at Seven Sisters… this is all the magical workings of our in house party animal Joel. 

One thing is for certain, without Joel, we would have missed out on some of our most beautiful and challenging runs. Joel is our MR Trail Series mastermind 🌿💭 He is at the very beating heart of our community and has had an incredible 2016. He represented MR at the Run Camp in Colorado, completed Race to the Stones 100km ultra marathon, ran countless marathons and works tirelessly to make MR bigger, better and more exciting for all our members.

Joel - your passion for our community means it wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you for bringing us along on these crazy adventures. We can’t wait to see you #crusheverything in 2017!