Where to start with Laura, one of our most inspiring crew members ♥️

Like many of our members our very own hip-hop queen was recommended to come to Midnight Runners through friends. She loved the format of our events that allows runners to interact with each other - the community was a big part of what kept motivating her to come back. Laura’s story is unique though. Whilst training for the Chicago marathon in 2014 she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and was forced to pull out. For many people this would be the end of their running career - but not this girl. Laura has gone on to run a half marathon PB and complete a total of 50km at our Midnight-to-Midnight. More inspiring though is her aim to finish what she started in 2014 and run a full marathon.

"When life gives you lemons, you paint them gold" is her life motto 🍋✨ Well Laura, you are a golden example of the power of the human spirit to not be defined by an issue. Keep inspiring us!

📸 Photo by Banea George Photography