Did you know that Marina in Spanish means Superwoman? Neither did we! But luckily our very own comic book hero is very real indeed 👊🏼

Marina is a jack of all trades, who always brings contagious positive energy to the group. From logistics, to route planning, to designing, to cheering us on during ultras, to baking delicious Spanish cakes, she is always willing to step in and lend a helping hand.

On top of that, she’s basically a total badass. Marina is not only one speedy runner, but she is also mentally and physically hardcore. She has completed her first Triathlon in Poland, ran the Lisbon Marathon, and won 1st place in the female Half Bergen 12kg backpack Midnight Mountain Marathon in exotic Wales. Yeah, she won a race... in the mountains… at midnight... in Wales... whilst carrying 12kgs of weight!

Marina, Superwoman has nothing on you. We’re so proud to have you on our team! Stay you 😘👊🏼 

Photo by Daniel Varga.