If you're reading this then there is a 99.9% chance your facebook profile was taken by Máté Fulop 📸👍🏼 Now I'm not saying we are slaves to our social media footprint but oh my aren't Máté “Cheese and Freeze” Fülöp's photos pretty?! Of course we are introducing Máté, our legendary photographer, video creator, social bunny and all round awesome human being 🔝💙 

Máté has become famous across London for his exceptional photography skills. Despite battling a few injuries this year, Máté never misses an event and has managed to perfect the complex art of commanding a Boris Bike, avoiding tourists and snapping beautiful, vibrant and colourful photos. 

Máté got into running with the goal of completing a marathon. Since joining MR he has realized that a marathon is just the start… that's what Midnight Runners is all about, becoming a better you and doing it surrounded by awesome friends. Well we are glad we have friends like you Máté: thanks for recording all the fun. The memories will last a lifetime!

Photo by Anna Jackson