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In 2015, some midnight stars collided and we picked up Matteo en route during one of our epic hot tub runs 💫 

Since then, Matteo has become central to our community. You will often see him, with a beaming smile, encouraging our runners on the streets of London as well as on our international runs in Barcelona & Athens 🙌🏼 

Do you love how our runs always take you on a journey through wonderful secret parts of London? You can thank Matteo for this. Despite originally hailing from beautiful Italy he could be mistaken for being a Cockney Londoner – Matteo is our go-to mega amazing route planner.

On top of being an all-round hero, Matteo is a stellar runner, completing not one but three marathons and rocking out a PB of 03:42:04 in Manchester! Matteo, high fives to you.

📷 Daniel Varga