Have you found that some people you meet immediately make an indelible mark on your life? That they get under your skin like a super cool tattoo or a scar that comes with an awesome story of some far flung adventure? Well imagine if that mark was colorful, full of bubbles, & faster than the speed of light? Then you have imagined DD. Although it’s hard to keep up with her, you can usually spot her from afar because of her colorful attire. Let us introduce DD – our resident bundle of joy, energy and enthusiasm.

DD is one of our crew members who has been there from the beginning. It’s hard to believe, but when MR started, the furthest DD had ever ran was 5k. Since then, DD has completed 3 marathons, countless 10ks and squatted to Flower more times than is advised. 

In many ways DD encompasses everything we take pride about in Midnight runners: fitness, fun, personality and friendship. In her own words: “The heart of the community has remained the same whether there were 5 runners or 500: friendship and family. MR isn't just about running or training for your next big event, it's a place to spend time with friends you love and future friends you will meet, this is why I look forward to every run”.

Photo by the talented Daniel Varga 📸