Who’s that in the distance balancing on her head? Sure enough, it is our master yogi, Philly (@pk_active) When she’s not busy striking intricate yoga poses, you can find her balancing on a wall, leading our much needed post-run stretches 🙏🏼

Although she describes herself as a 'casual' runner and has unfortunately suffered with injury in 2016, she still completed Tough Guy, ran her first half marathon distance in Kent, completed an Ultra Duathlon and ran her furthest distance, 30k, in Snowdonia 👏🏼 On the track, she's an absolute speed demon too, regularly leaving the rest of us in her dust 💨

Oh and remember all of the great treats we had at M2M? All that sponsorship was thanks to Philly too. So yes, not only is she incredibly beautiful, flexible and bloody talented, she's also one of the loveliest people around. Maybe we should start a new hashtag? #bemorephilly

📸 Daniel Varga