All right, all right, all right! Our fearless German MC, Alex is originally from near Aachen, Germany, but moved to Berlin for “work and doner kebab!” Alex “just started running for fun in college and completed my first half marathon in 2014. After finishing the Berlin Marathon last year, I realized that I will probably be a runner forever!” That marathon experience, considered Alex’s greatest running achievement to date, taught him a lot: “...when I was just an hour away from the finish line, it seemed so sweet to stop - but my friend reminded me: ‘Alex, this is what we run for - the last hour. This is why we train!’ It was such a push to continue, it gave me the purpose I needed. It was the reason why I was there, and why I couldn't stop. It taught me how important purpose is in everything that we do.”

If you’ve run with Berlin Midnight Runners, you’ve probably seen and heard Alex smiling, high-fiving, and encouraging all runners along the route. “I love motivating people. I really love talking to people, finding out about their problems and guiding them towards a solution if I can help... For me, running is all about unity and equality. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what you do or who you are – when you run together, everyone is the same and you run as one. That is the spirit I felt from the start at Midnight Runners and that kept me motivated to come back week after week. At the same time, I love sharing the energy that I get through running with the people around me. In the end, as a captain you share your energy, but also get so much energy in return!

“I believe in the profound impact we all can have on the lives of other people. If I can create a smile on someone's face, my goal of the day is reached. It's as easy as that.” Thanks for always making us smile, Alex. We can’t wait to watch you crush your next goal!