Hallo Berlin! 


Ich bin ein Berliner.

Berlin was always going to be our first new chapter when we decided to grow out of London. Why? Because this city only ever asks: why not? A creative powerhouse of people, freedom and excitement Berlin literally breaks down walls, rips up the rules and unites people like few other cities in the world. If you could bottle this metropolises ‘anything goes’ attitude the world would be a much better place. We love you Berlin. 

Berlin is also a running dynamo. This is where people come to get their personal best. It’s where records are shattered and dreams are made. Forget what you think you know about running in Berlin though. We won't wait for the Verkehrsübergang to go green – and neither should you. Leave your inhibitions at home, jump straight in and join the movement. Berlin life is about to get a lot more loud. 

Welcome to Berlin