Jonas Westbrock (@joneswest1) grew up "in a tiny village near Cloppenburg...I first traveled around the world for a while after graduating from high school. Then I had the idea to move to Berlin, because I really liked the city... I arrived in Berlin, and started to study business mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin, which did not really turn out to be my passion. After changing to HTW Berlin, I am now studying engineering economics.”

Jonas is an accomplished athlete: “In my youth I tried a lot of different sports. I love to ski, snowboard, swim, and I have played football for years.” One of Jonas’ greatest sports achievements is “...winning the Barmer GEK Cup a few years ago with our very strong school team, and also the 2015 championship.” Amazing!

After hearing about MR’s summer party on Facebook, Jonas knew he had found his tribe. “Since that run, I knew what would be in my calendar every Wednesday. Every week it is so fun for me to run around Berlin with such an enthusiastic and crazy crew, while I’m doing something good for my body.” Occasionally Jonas has also stepped up as German MC, inspiring us all to push harder and run faster every Wednesday. Thanks, Jonas!

“My next goals are actually not measurable. I just want to continue to stay as healthy and happy as possible, and surround myself with people I like. Therefore, I'd like to run with MR every Wednesday for a long time.” Nice! We look forward to it.