Hey Boston, how do ya like them apples?


Hardah, fastah, strongah

When we decided to launch a Midnight Runners chapter in the big old US of A it didn't take long to decide where. Boston is legendary. Everyone wants to run Boston, right?  It's a runners' city with the world's most badass marathon. In every city, in every country right around the planet, people are pushing harder, running further and sprinting faster to get a qualifying time for this city. We feel honoured to run these streets. 

Boston Midnight Runners is also pretty badass. When running is so ingrained into a city's culture, we were always going to attract a group of awesome people. Come rain or shine, snow or heatwave we will be running with the Charles as our backdrop. However, whilst we may be running in the shadow of legends in this great city we like to think our take on fitness is also pretty darn cool. So think you know running in Boston? We challenge you to come and give us a go. We don't think you will be disappointed. 

Welcome to Boston