Cadenza Zhao (@cadenzazhao) is the woman behind all the awesome photographs of Berlin MR you see every week! Cadenza “met the amazing Gabriel who was searching for an event photographer for the Berlin Beer Mile. I was luckily chosen to be the photographer and from there, I was introduced to the Midnight Runners! Half a year later, here I am, official Captain and photographer of the Berlin Midnight Runners!”

This superstar from Switzerland with the lovely Italian name says she “lives for beauty… My dream and goal in life is to become an impactful film director. I taught myself photography when I was a teenager with the family camera and since then, I fell in love with visual storytelling. From beauty in movies and photographs; beauty of the human body and the unconventional; beauty in nature and music. Even the diversity here in Berlin is hectic, and beautiful, and made me fall in love after my first visit. These are all elements that keep me going in life and push me to achieve better work in my own film and photography projects.” Cadenza is studying film here in Berlin, along with cycling alongside our crazy group, and capturing some epic MR moments on camera. Check out all her work on

“Midnight Runners represents a unique community spirit. The support everyone has for each other is magical and extremely encouraging. Just being in contact with this amazing group of people is inspiring for each individual to reach higher limits. And you guys are the fittest group of people I have ever met in my life! My favorite part of the weekly runs is at the end of the run, when I see everyone sweating and out of breath but with huge smiles on their faces. The after-run beer with everyone is also amazing because we get to know each other, and we realize how diverse the group is! People come from all backgrounds and ages, but Midnight Runners links us altogether.”

Cadenza dreams of continuing to grow as a photographer and filmmaker, and “to one day see one of my feature films on the big screen.” With that eye and passion, we have no doubt it will happen. So glad you’re part of the team, Cadenza!