Along with being a speedy runner and triathlete, crew captain Federico (@fededalpra) is a Masters student in classical Flute! “I play in orchestras and chamber music groups… In the evenings I play in tuxedo and bow-tie, but I always arrive and leave the theaters in running shoes.”

Fede moved here after completing undergraduate studies in Rotterdam. “I dreamed of living in Berlin since I was a teenager, I grew up in Bergamo, Italy, and fell in love with Berlin during a school trip with my class during high school. I could not resist its unique vibes and the feeling that here every day so many insanely cool things were happening (like Midnight Runners).” During university he swam and cycled, but only more recently got into running. “I have always been a bike nerd: living in the Netherlands for 5 years does this to anyone. At the same time I was swimming in a dutch student team, and one day as a joke a friend challenged me to add one sport, running, and compete in a triathlon. So i started running. It was love at first sight!”

Fede found us in March 2018 and hardly missed a week after that. “What made me come back was the level of motivation that such a group was able to transmit to me... I have never ever run that fast and happy before! Usually during a run I was focused on my legs and my breathing - surviving, in other words. That first bootcamp run, I was just all smiles and dance moves! I think the greatest quality of Midnight Runners is its power to bring people from different countries, genders, cultural backgrounds and ideologies together to share joyful and authentic moments. To see hundreds of different people uniting as a group of cheerful friends, running through the streets of Berlin, is something that brings me the greatest happiness every time I run and cheer with them.” Aww, we’re blushing!

With several running races and triathlons under his belt, Fede looks forward to training for and finishing his first Ironman in 2019. Awesome! But we’re sure this positive and enthusiastic crew captain will take part in many more races and events…you know, like killing it at the Ragnar relay, or running on a relay team for the Berlin Wall 100-Mile race. Inspirational. Thanks for being you, Fede, see you in the pool or out on the roads!