You know those people who just burst into you world and make life way more exciting, louder and a hell of a lot more fun? Introducing Gabriel – Berlin Midnight Runners Crew Leader and all round hero. Gabriel first heard about us whilst running with a friend in London. It was one wet Berlin November evening that he found us, and immediately took our community by storm.

Gabriels running journey definitely does not start with Midnight Runners – the man is a running machine. This Canadian charmer is FAST: 10k in 31 minutes – easy! But this boy doesn’t take himself too seriously. When he isn’t smashing PBs he is breaking world records – he holds the pancake mile world record, and competes for Canada in the beer mile. Want to be inspired? Next time you run with us, ask Gabriel what it’s like to run up Mt Fuji in Japan, complete a half marathon in the high Himalayas or to create legendary and innovative running videos that tell his story. This Year, Gabe is setting up a run classes in a school in India for two months, continuing to build BMR to be Berlin’s most exciting run crew, and planning a top secret ultra long distance run with fellow crew captain Jody – you have been warned - but if you consider this guys life motto is: “do, or do not, there is no try” you know it’s going to be epic...

Every strong community needs a leader, and Berlin Midnight Runners has found one in Gabriel. He is constantly working behind the scenes with an unmatched enthusiasm to make our crew even more awesome and more fun. Why does he love BMR? “I love being able to train and socialize with any level of runner. I am constantly inspired by not only accomplished runners, but also those who have the courage to come out and try running for the first time”. Gabriel is passionate about sharing the life-changing effects of running with as many people as possible – and this has made him an inspiration to us all. You will see him, at the front, bringing boundless energy with the worlds biggest smile. Gabe – you are a total hero – we couldn’t be happier you found us.