Hello Hong Kong…


Intense, vibrant, colourful, loud and so damn now

Hong Kong was always going to be our first city in Asia. Since its inception, this 'fragrant harbour' has been a place where East meets West - a crossroad where worlds collide, where history meets reality and ancient traditions combine with modernity, to create the unmistakable nature of this wonderful city, to create Hong Kong.

Hong Kong moves fast and so do we. Living here is like living life at 100mph and we are no exception to this rule. But within the madness of life here, Midnight Runners is about creating the time, the space and the energy to run - but also to reconnect with this crazy city we call home. Think you know running in Hong Kong?! Think again. Come meet us on Victoria Harbour, join our community and get ready to fall in love with running. 

Welcome to Hong Kong