Katrin (@herlittlehealthyuniverse) grew up in Königsbrunn, a small town in Bavaria close to Augsburg. She’s in Berlin because “that's what I always wanted to do”…and she’s also here studying medicine and working for an anatomy learning platform. Katrin also loves swimming, yoga, gymnastics, Zumba…so basically she never stops moving!

“I started running 3yrs ago just for getting outdoors initially, then got convinced by a friend to sign up for the 10k at S25, started actually training properly for this, discovered that I do love running quite more than expected, eventually found midnight runners and now I can't imagine a life without running anymore.” We get it, Katrin. “My first run with MR was memorable because i haven't had that much fun in ages. I've been running on my own ever since I started running and I never ever had so much fun at a run before (while at same time I could train intensively)… I consider the Midnight Runners community as my second family since I feel the community members actually care about each other, and everyone is supportive and pushing each other. And also because it's not all about running but also about having fun and being crazy!” Sounds like us, in a nutshell.

Katrin also recently raced her first sprint triathlon…after only three weeks of training. “I never thought of doing a triathlon before my dad sent my a link to this event in my hometown (he meant to make fun of my recently discovered passion for running competitions). So from that very moment on i was determined to prove him wrong… In total I had only 3 weeks to train…I don't even have a bike here in Berlin! I then finished in 1hr15mins (to the astonishment of my dad). Fun fact: I didn't even have a racing bike or anything like that but my old lady bike!” Love that determination, and sense of adventure!

What does the future hold for Katrin? “Running goals for 2019 are definitely the Ragnar relay again, and hopefully the midnight2midnight run in London. Non-running goals are getting more engaged in the MR community (does that count as non-running??) and also I'd love to travel a bit more… my next travel will probably be to South America, but I'm also keen on making some trekking experiences.” …along with more running races and triathlons, of course. Thanks for inspiring us to keep moving, Katrin.