Livia (@livushaaa) was born in a little village near Biel-Bienne, Switzerland, so of course is passionate about the outdoors, adventure, and staying active. Livia’s running shoes have taken her all over the world: “ the beach in Costa Rica, the mountains of La Reunion, along the river in Geneva and eventually to the highlands of Ethiopia – where my passion for running got a new dose of inspiration by all the Ethiopian athletes on their way back from their workouts at 7am, when I just got out of bed and started mine!” Livia managed a women’s empowerment organization in Addis Ababa for three years before moving to Berlin, wow! “It was also with our group of girls from the project, that we started to participate in runs… Running became part of our empowerment program.” As the ladies of MR can attest, running is such an amazing way to feel strong and empowered, so kudos to you, Livia, for sharing that!

After her time in Addis, “...I felt thirsty for academic knowledge and applied for a MA degree in Intercultural Conflict Management in Berlin...I began to realize that after the colourful and exciting times in Addis, Berlin was probably the best of all the options in Europe for me to feel happy, free and at home.

“MR simply appeared at the perfect time in my life: when I felt that the darkness of Berlin's winter days darkened my entire life” (oh yes, how well we all know that feeling!) “Since the very first time that I joined the group for a run in a cold winter night, I realized that this is exactly what I need in my life: sport, fun and a bunch of great people around me. ...I love the challenge of the run, and of course the get together after the run: meeting new people, chatting with ‘old’ friends and getting excited for all the upcoming events.”

Goals for the future? “I would love to sign up for a trail next year. The next step would then be to combine the running passion with my love for travelling, which will probably lead me to do a trail in the middle of nowhere in Africa.” Sounds perfect, Livia, can we come too? See you Wednesday!