Next in line is the happiest, most humble and most energetic Crew Captain going: Marcin (@mp_tri_life). So even on those grey, cold, Berlin winter nights, how does Marcin light us up so much? With his passion, of course: “my goal is to be better, healthier and faster each year. There is no big story, no particular remarkable event in a remarkable place: it is just about running. I think the biggest personal achievement in running for me is not a super cool result but the constant smile and joy that I get for competing in the sport I love”. We hear you man.

However, this humble guy has big ideas: “In 2018, I turned 30 and left the beautiful twenties behind, so the plans for 2019 are big. I want to get much faster at the Olympic distance triathlon, and I’m also pushing for a sub-3 marathon.” Having smashed a 1,23 HM in Berlin in 2018, this plan looks like it’s well within grasp.

Simply put, the magic of MR inspired Marcin to volunteer his time for Berlin’s most badass run crew: “I don’t know how it works but MR is some-kind of miracle... I moved to Berlin from Poland in September knowing almost no one, and now I am part of this super-cool community of people sharing similar values. Midnight Runners are exceptional and amazing. It really doesn’t matter how tired you are, how bad work was that day, what troubles and worries you have, or if you are just in a bad mood - you come to the event, see all the smiles, all the positivity, the joy, the happiness, and you just simply forget all your problems, and leave all the bad things behind. One event a week, a couple of hours and you feel like you’ve been reborn - full of energy with a big smile, positive thinking, no work stress, fully relaxed and happy as hell! Your batteries are re-charged, and you feel like you can rock anything. I really doubt there is any other thing similar which can change your life so much as Midnight Runners - all I can say is, it is a miracle.” BOOOOOOM!

‘I have no motto in life”, claims Marcin. But he does have a mantra of sorts: “2018 was a year of big changes: moving to a new city in Berlin, a new job, many running challenges... personally I just only hope my friends, family and myself will stay healthy - all other sporty things are just a great bonus”. Awesome words from a big hearted awesome man. See you at the front, Marcin!