Marghe (@mmmarghem) is from Udine, “a small Italian city by the border with Slovenia and Austria, surrounded by lovely hills covered in vineyards and the Alps.” Mmm, sounds perfect! ! But a year ago, she moved to Berlin: “…after getting a job as a landscape architect [just like fellow captain Sarah!], I decided to move to Berlin to see which opportunities this vibrant city had in store for me, a decision I really don’t regret: I really love how this city allows you to follow your own path and be who you are!”

Like many of us, Margherita started running just to keep fit while in university. “As the time passed though, it gained a more important meaning for me. My family is pretty in love with running and sports (doggo included), so races became a great excuse to plan little trips and spend some quality time all together. Thanks also to the great support and motivation provided by my small running community, I found myself completing several half-marathons around Europe (including Madrid, Vienna and Munich) and some Sky Runs around the Alps. And this is also the reason why I found a home when I joined Midnight Runners in January: I was amazed by the sparkling energy that these people could create. One of my favorite memories is the Festival of Lights in February, when, even though it was -13 outside, 100 people showed up to rock the streets of Berlin with the greatest smiles on their faces. It was so powerful! These good vibes kept pushing me to run faster and in every weather condition, and helped me a lot in running a new PB in Berlin Half Marathon last April.” Awesome! We love that energy, and are so happy you can spread those inspiring vibes through the group as a captain!

Margherita’s future goals include improving on that half marathon PR, and doing some more trail running, “…as a perfect excuse to travel a little bit the more and explore the world in a slower and more relaxed way.” Hmm, maybe a trip to Love Trails Festival is in her future??? Welcome, Marghe, we feel so lucky to have you on our team!