Maria (@whysakura) is from “a very tiny but beautiful village in the south of Spain called Zahara De Los Atunes, with an amazing beach, wonderful people and delicious food!” Sounds like heaven… we’ll be there next weekend!;) But Maria wanted a change, an adventure, and a chance to learn a new language, so she came to Berlin. “…it seems like I’m going to stay a bit longer: new job, old friends that are family now and new people that are becoming to be friends are keeping me here plus the city of course.”

Maria “wasn’t always into sports because as a child I was … let’s say chubby… But little by little I was trying different sports…finally during my years at the university I thought, let’s try jogging. I started to train on my own twice a week, then I increased the training, ran short races, then half marathon, duathlon, obstacles races, marathon…” She’s a bit modest, so we will brag on her behalf: “In Spain I got some podiums in different races, and I did a Marathon in Seville. In Berlin I ran a lot of races getting third position, second and even first position in some of them. My best result in 2018 was the HM in Potsdam in 1:37:08 getting the second place in my group and 7th among women.” Maria also ran the Berlin Marathon this year, and qualified for Boston 2019, incredible! Everybody: When I say Maria, you say ROCKS!!!

Like many of us runners, Maria got used to training alone. “It can be difficult to find someone with the same pace or schedule... but I am a very sociable person that really enjoy sharing activities and time with people... so MR has been one of the greatest discoveries since I arrived here. Starting with the captains, followed by the amazing amount of different people that you are able to meet, all while doing what I love: RUNNING. I like to say that ‘since I joined the MR my weeks are shorter because I'm not looking forward Friday, but Wednesday!!’ Also, my speed has improved since I joined MR, because you can run your own pace, so I'm using it to do 2km interval work between the Boot Camp stops. I wanted to say this because I know that there are people who don't come to MR because they think that 10km is not enough for them (I was one of them), and I can assure you, along with the good vibes, it’s also great training!!”

Along with racing Boston, Maria plans to run her first Ultra in the near future: “I like to dream big.” Good vibes and big dreams are what make Maria such an important member of the Berlin MR family. See you Wednesday!