Welcome to MR:TV

Here you will find the best of our global community in video. Whilst we do it a lot, our community has never just been about running. At MR:TV we will try and tell the stories and bring to life the passion that make up Midnight Runners - and of course course document all the crazy stuff in between.

What is New York Midnight Runners?

What is New York Midnight Runners? Whoever joins decides!

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¡ despierta !

Otro día estándar en Barcelona.

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Made in London - Built by the World | Midnight Runners was formed in London in 2015 by two friends with a passion for running and the desire to bring people together. 3 years later Midnight Runners opened their sixth chapter in New York City. Crew Captains and members from around the world flew in for the event. Here is our story.

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Moin Hamburg

Ever wondered what happens when we take over a city for one of our pop up events? Welcome to Hamburg and a recap on all that went down when we bought a little bit of Berlin to HH. 

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170-ish Miles

London Midnight Runners take on the inaugural Ragnar White Cliffs Relay around the UK's South East Coast. The team of ten took it in turns to run the 170-ish miles finishing in under 24 hours - a feat few achieved. They ran alone but together they bonded and grew used to "Being comfortable, being uncomfortable" - James Holt, 2017

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No Excuses

Running in Berlin can be tough. First, the weather, then the party lifestyle and the diet. Luckily our Berlin Crew have some motivation for you. No excuses, now.