Newsletter | Autumn 2019


Midnight 2 Midnight 2019

Well that was incredible…

With a new location, new charity and new format, organising Midnight 2 Midnight 2019 was a mammoth task. But Laura and her team pulled it off in style - in fact, we reckon this year’s M2M was the best yet!

Our highlights? Eating the delicious cakes at the bake sale, singing our hearts out on the karaoke loop, finishing off the day with a trademark MR bootcamp and, of course, handing over the cheque for a MASSIVE £14,000 to 1% For The Planet 🌍


Midnight Runners needs YOU!

London, we want you to come at us with all your thoughts, feelings, and ideas! That’s right, we want your feedback about MR and how we can make it work even better for you, the community.

Starting in October we’ll be launching monthly Feedback Tuesdays, and off the back of this there’ll be a new and improved (read: more concise) survey that’ll help us keep improving and keep pushing this extraordinary community forward.

So keep an eye out for updates, and let us know what you think - don’t be shy!


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As always huge thanks to all our photographers. Shout out to Dan Varga, Ben Palmer, Anna Jackson, Joel Charley, Matteo Bettoni, James Holt, Ana Sousa, Adam Tarpey, Sami Al-Adawy, Katrina Scott, Andy Murray, and Lucy Goddard-Mason for snapping the shots above!