MR London News - Spring 2019

Midnight Runners is a special community, full of the most incredible people you could hope to meet (look no further than the inspiring talks at the Campfire Series). But we’re also part of a bigger running scene in London, and now that we’re 4 years old we’re no longer the rebellious new kids on the block – we’re the club that everyone else looks up to!

In the last few months we’ve been building relationships with some of the city’s other running groups – we’ve already partnered with London City Runners a couple of times, there’s a mixed relay event coming soon with Track East, plus the massive pre-Big Half shakeout with other crews from across London. And MR is right at the centre of it all!

But we haven’t forgotten our roots. Look at pictures from the Animal Kingdom party run. We ran, we worked hard and we partied harder. And we wore some of the most ridiculous costumes to be seen in Midnight Runners’ 4 year history! Just imagine rolling out of the pub to see a sloth and an 8 foot dinosaur running past. Only in London...

Hello Los Angeles!


March 2019 - Sun, sand, sea and so much HYPE!

With representatives from all ten (!) MR cities, the launch of LA MR was our most global event yet. Shout out to Reebok for making it all possible! Gallery1 and Gallery2

Campfire Series

Photo: Anna Rachel Photography

February ‘19 - At our inaugural Campfire Series we heard from Andy about sustainability, Theo about his fitness journey and Dana about work-life-running balance. These events are all about the MR community – see you soon at the next one! Gallery

4th Birthday Party

Photo: Benny Palmer

January ‘19 - In 4 short years Midnight Runners has grown from two friends running at night into a global community, with London at its heart. How to celebrate? A 10k bootcamp, tabletop yoga and outrageous afterparty, of course! Gallery


London Marathon Cheer Squad

Photo: Máté Fülöp, Artwork: Sami

April ‘19 - If you’ve ever run a marathon, or a 5k, 10k or half, you’ll know how much it helps to have a rowdy bunch of friends cheering you on. Come down on April 28th to join the MR cheer squad, lose your voice and bring our runners home! Gallery

Track Team Relay

April ‘19 - This is a big one! We’re partnering with Track East (the guys and gals who run circles at the same time as us on Thursdays) to have a friendly and super-informal relay ‘competition’. Plenty of drinks afterwards, naturally!

Campfire Series 2.0

Photo: Benny Palmer

Following the success of the first Campfire Series, it’s back on April 17th! Come along to hear from Anna Jackson, Sophie Rintoul-Hoad and George Watkins who will be talking about... well, you’ll have to be there to find out! Gallery

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