Olga is our fitness queen and one of the happiest, most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet! ✊🏼

Olga has always loved running, but she didn’t understand its full power until a bike accident over 3 years ago. Despite a long & painful recovery, Olga used the accident as fuel to reclaim her love for fitness, even ditching her career in fashion to become a Personal Trainer.

Olga is now our resident PT and exercise guru. She is the mastermind behind many of our exercises and graciously teaches us about proper posture & form. You’ll find her on Tuesdays shouting the exercises and whipping us into shape!

With her positive energy and dazzling outfits, you can count on Olga bringing light to every event. Whether it’s a rainy 10K bootcamp run or an insane ultramarathon up and down mountains (including CTS Dorset Ulta+), her smile never fades. Olga, thanks for sparkling so bright.