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 Like all great ideas Midnight Runners was kind of created accidentally. Two friends, motivated to run marathons but unmotivated by long work hours and the British winter decided that running together, that social commitment to meet up, was the only way to train. 

But why stop at two people? A quick post on Meetup.com and on one cold, dark winter night back in January 2015 and 13 total strangers were turned into 13 happy runners. We didn’t know it then but Midnight Runners was born.

But when you are running together why wear headphones? It means you cannot get to know the person next to you. The idea of carrying a small portable speaker made our music more social and suddenly the act of running became a shared experience.

Different pace groups? BOOOO! They suck! They rip up friend groups and split the team. It is so much better to stop and wait for people close to the back of the pack, right? So when you are waiting you may as well throw in some burpees and situps – hence the Boot Camp Run was created.

These ideas – placing the concept of a shared experiences, of understanding the different needs and abilities of people is really what it's all about. That idea of togetherness is central to our belief and still drives everything we do today.

It is those beliefs – those principles – that you still feel at every Midnight Runners event: a feeling that everyone is welcome and everyone is invited. We left cliques in the playground, way back when.


Of course there is nothing like a small team of dedicated, passionate people to totally change the world – as we all know it’s the only thing that ever has. We may not have invented time travel just yet but we have made an impact in our own way: what makes us wake up in the morning, what makes us still lace up our trainers when it’s raining, when we are tired or cold – is the passion of our community. We still pinch ourselves at what they have achieved and the positive and lasting impact they have had on peoples lives. We are rightly proud – and it’s the only time we will ever brag – when we champion the people and stories that make up Midnight Runners.

In three short years, and a few hundred of events later, our community has not only made thousands of people fitter, faster, stronger and more connected but we have raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity, we have organized the world's first 24 hour urban running relay], not once but three times. Our crew captains have created the world's first trail running music festival, we have competed in some of the most iconic marathons and ultramarathons in the world, introduced countless relationships and heck – we even organized a marathon in a war zone – Somalia's first in 26 years.

What will continue to drive us as we now take Midnight Runners across the globe is those guiding principles. That together is better, that running not only improves your body but also your mind and that we have way more that can unite us than divide. We love Midnight Runners because we love people like you and as long as you keep running with us, we will keep on bringing all of our energy to make fitness more exciting, more loud and more fun – and of course championing your achievements.