Bonjour Paris

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Paris, the City of Light,

the most beautiful of cities which sits like a monument to style on the banks of the Seine. On those days when the light reflects perfectly off the Louvre it can feel feels like the whole world rotates around the Eiffel Tower. Paris you are a dream come true.

Paris is also France. And France is the home of running. A country with the proudest of running traditions. A nation of sprinters, trail runners, marathoners and casual but-oh-so-well-dressed park runners this city and country breathes running. We are so proud to have a chapter here.

We maybe new to Paris but we believe our take on running is a fresh approach to a city with the most wonderful of traditions. We are Paris and this is our home. So come and run the Seine, embrace the beauty of this majestic city and join our community.

Welcome to Paris