Midnight Runners exists for people like Sarah (@kirbzilla) - for people with a give-it-a-go attitude towards life. Fresh off the plane from Australia, Sarah dragged a friend along to our first run in Berlin. “I literally turned up with a ‘I’m not even sure I can run, but sure why not’ mentality”. It turns out she could...

In Midnight Runners, Sarah found a community of like minded souls – those as crazy and wonderful as herself. “I love that I have found a family on the other side of the world.” However it’s not just the awesome MR community that has helped Sarah in her new life as a Berliner. “Running allows me to eat all the falafel and drink all the beers a girl could want”. We hear you girl.... #lifegoals.

Sarah’s attitude towards life is wondrous; this is a bold girl with bold plans. This year she will run a Midnight Marathon (natürlich) inside the Arctic Circle. She has wider goals over the next few years to visit every continent in the world, become involved in Landscape Architecture without Borders, and live to be 100 to get a letter from Queen. It is this boundless energy and enthusiasm that sees Sarah encouraging our slower runners to keep going, every week. “It is the ecstatic thank you’s at the end, after they’ve told me they can’t keep running, that inspire me”. HERO.

Midnight Runners is famous for breaking down barriers and bringing people together: “I love that all my individual friends are now friends with each other through MR – it the glue between my friendships”. Sarah is a pretty big pillar of this crazy thing called BMR. She is constantly encouraging newcomers to join us, always bringing fresh energy, fresh people and excitement to our weekly meets – oh and if you ever match with Midnight Runners on Tinder in Berlin – you can thank this savvy lady for our most sexy promotion tool. Sarah you are both wonderful and crazy in equal measure. Thank you for making us laugh, making us faster and building our community. MR would not be MR without you.