Crew leader Sharon (@shfantastic) was born in Taipei, Taiwan, but has been on the move since birth, having lived in Indonesia, Singapore, Bahrain, then back to Taiwan before she was 7, followed by a longer stay in Canada. In the past six years, she has lived in the US, Taiwan, France, Singapore, but now finally calls Berlin home!

Sharon came to one of our first runs in Berlin after years away from running, and immediately started suggesting worldwide adventures and challenges (“most involving mountains and randomness”) to fellow members, so we knew she’d be a perfect captain. One of her favourite recent experiences: “I was hiking Mt. Kenya with buddies who wanted to snowboard the glacier near the summit. As we got closer, the tiny glacier looked rather hopeless for snowboarding, but the next morning we woke up to the beginnings of a snowfall, and by the time we were at the highest hut, there had been over 0.5m of snow!! We were able to snowboard in fresh snow, but more importantly, teach the joy of snowboarding to our Kenyan porters.” The experience reinforced something she loves about running and Midnight Runners — to give access and pass on the love of sports to everyone, new and experienced alike.

Sharon loves being part of the MR crew and encouraging fellow runners to be fearless. “I like to contribute my energy, my network, and my general love for free outdoor fitness to people who are not exposed to it, or too timid to join. My personal journey with running started with friends' encouragement to just get outside and train! In fact, my first race was a full marathon where we trained throughout the winter in Canada!”

With Berlin MR, Sharon has achieved things she never thought she could do, including running a 55km trail ultramarathon in the Faroe Islands, followed by the Berlin marathon a week later. She’s got big dreams for her future, including “more mountains, more trail races, and attempting to qualify for the Boston marathon thanks to my inspirational fellow crew captains”. But in the meantime, her motto is simple: “Live every day present and grateful.”

Next time you see Sharon on a bootcamp run, be sure to ask her what crazy adventures she’s had this year, or what she’s planning for the future, and prepare to be inspired!