Hey TOronto, How’s it goin ey?!


Run the 6ix

Midnight Runners is here to tear up the streets of Toronto. This city is a reflection of Canada: a cultural mosaic. It is a cosmopolitan coming together of ideas, of creativity, of people, and of dreams - all spinning around the CN Tower. Toronto is made up of myriad nowheres that have created a “somewhere”. Over half of its citizens do not come from Canada, and this is Toronto’s biggest strength. To be Torontonian is to be a citizen of the world, welcoming everyone with open arms.

Do not let our “sorry’s” and our politeness be misunderstood. Torontonians are not pushovers. They are change-makers, doers and creatives. This is a city that understands many perspectives of life and brings these differences together to create something powerful.

Midnight Runners is here to celebrate everything that Toronto stands for. We are here to make some noise. We are here to run the 6ix.

Welcome to TOronto