The Midnight Runners movement was born out of the love of our city, a passion for running, a belief in bringing people together and the desire to escape the confines of the gym.




We are a global, volunteer led running community who believe that fitness should be democratic, open to everyone and most importantly it should be fun. We believe we have built the world’s greatest running communities and we would love you to join us.

We’re an ever-growing crew of athletes of all ages and nationalities from different disciplines and backgrounds, united by a passion for meeting new people, taking on new challenges and keeping fit. In the last 5 years, we went from a few friends running together to one of the largest urban running collectives worldwide spanning 4 continents, 5 languages and 11 global cities.

It’s been quite a run and we don’t intend to stop there. Whoever you are by day, come and explore a different side of the city with us at night. Lit by nothing but stars and streetlights, and soundtracked by sick beats and the pummeling of our feet on the tarmac, we’re taking the streets back. What are you waiting for?